Master the art of homesteading and home business in the easiest way possible - with our curated collection of courses designed to empower you to live your good life!

Home Business Made Simple


Do you want to know how to make money online but have no idea where to start? Whether you have a business or you are thinking about starting a business, this course is your new best friend when it comes to creatung a successful home based business.

Learn it all in one spot - from setting up your website quickly and easily, to making consistent sales, to automating anything and everything you can so you can get that time freedom back and make money while you sleep.

I'm sharing all the juicy details. You won't want to miss this!

Become a Composting Pro


Go from composting confusion to composting confidence with our flagship course, the gardener's guide to worm farming. In this course, you will learn exactly how to transform your fresh food waste into black garden gold so you can grow abundance in any space. Your dream garden is a worm farm away, join us!

Grow Apartment Garden Abundance

Ready to grow abundance, even if you live in the center of the city? I feel you, friend. Me too. Because that's what I have been doing for years now. I started on an apartment patio, now I grow on our suburban homestead. Join me as I share with you all of the tips and tricks to grow abundance, even in a small space!

Bake Amazing Sourdough 

Join our friends from Whispering Willow Farm & Mindful Farmer in the most quick, easy, and comprehensive sourdough course I've ever taken. This course will take your sourdough woes and turn them into beautiful, crispy, crunchy, fluffy, easy to bake bread the whole family will love!